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Thursday, July 04, 2002

JULY 4TH: I will be away for the next four days at the wonderful beaches of Rehoboth, Delaware. Posting will resume on Monday, but as a send-off I recommend these excellent Independence Day pieces in both the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, respectively.

The Lights That Didn't Fail by Peggy Noonan
Thank You, America by Jan Nowak

THE MYTH OF THE JEWISH LOBBY: Dennis Prager effectively debunks the claims that persist in leftist and Arab circles that the only reason for Congress' support to Israel is because of Jewish lobbying.

Monday, July 01, 2002

HEY, MY NAME IS...: For some reason, the Blogger software isn't listing my name on the postings as of July 1. Just for those wondering, it's Kraushaar. Josh Kraushaar. K-R-A-U-S-H-A-A-R.

JIMMY CRACK CARTER, AND I DON'T CARE: Former president Jimmy Carter decided to pen yet another op-ed defending Arafat and the Palestinians today, this time in USA Today. It's one of the most naive, misinformed pieces I've seen since, well, Jimmy Carter wrote his last op-ed in the New York Times. Along with the standard claptrap about Bush's new Mideast policy being unilateral and isolationist (which isn't true -- most European countries hesitantly endorsed Bush's plan) and the nonsense of the "fair election" of Arafat in 1996, he manages to put together one of the most offensive pieces on the Middle East I've read in a long, long while.

Ken indicated the $350 million barrier of fences and trenches being built northeast of Jerusalem. This, he noted, may represent the ultimate desire of most Palestinians and Israelis: a permanent and impenetrable separation of the two peoples.

Well, yeah. When you have scores of Palestinians wanting to blow your kids up, you're not exactly looking to invite them to your potluck dinner across the Green Line. (Ken, by the way, is an Emory U. professor who makes the genius assertion that fences provide impenetrable separation. Pure genius, I tell you).

and this one's my personal favorite...

Still, violence persists, threatening to negate or reverse many of these proud achievements. Some misguided Palestinians honor suicide bombers as martyrs and celebrate the killing of Israeli civilians. Some Israelis believe their West Bank and Gaza settlements to be sacrosanct and try to justify the sustained subjugation of increasingly hopeless Palestinians.

This has got to be the understatement of the year. Some misguided Palestinians honor suicide bombers as martyrs?!?! No, Jimmy, the entire Palestinian culture is seeped with glorification of suicide bombing and hatred of Jews. And to morally equate Jews living in West Bank settlements (which he calls subjugation) with Palestinians murdered and maiming scores of Israeli women, men and children in restaurants, schools and coffee shops is disgusting. Truly disgusting.

Jimmy Carter isn't just a naive, bleeding-heart do-good liberal who weeps when he sees people in poverty. He's a crony of Yasser Arafat and the PLO. I'm sorry, but I haven't even seen Mary McGrory or Robert Novak make the claim that Jewish settlers are the moral equivalent of suicide bombers. Heck, even Saeb Erekat hasn't made that comparison! (He contrasts Palestian terrorists' deaths to the Israeli civilians.) Yet our former prez manages to make that insane assertion.

Have fun in Venezuela, Jimmy. Say hi to Hugo for me.


Sunday, June 30, 2002

BOB NARDO FAN CLUB: Someone tonight visited my site because they found it on a Google search for "Bob Nardo," which I find very amusing. If you are that person (probably an AUer) send me an e-mail. Heck, I can send you MP3 files of his appearances on "American Pie" if you're a Nardo stalker.