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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

MATH 101: From today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch column by Rick Hummel:

Sixteen of the 30 major-league teams reached the break under .500. Only five teams who are not in first place are within five games of the lead. Thirteen of the remainder are 10 or more games back. Nice parity.

Sixteen teams playing sub .500 baseball? Really?

(For those mathematically challenged, with a balanced schedule it's pretty much impossible to have more than 16 of 30 teams above the .500 mark because when one team wins, another one loses.)

ALL-STAR GAME: Okay, so we all know Bud Selig is a colossal idiot. Personally, I felt the right decision was made but the way Selig handled the situation was miserable. Aren't there any ground rules that anticipate an extra-inning game? Why did Selig make the decision in the bottom of the 11th inning?! I mean, once the game was tied in the 9th, he should have anticipated the game entering extra innings.

But even more upsetting was the butchering of the national anthem by some chick named Anastasia. She changed the lyrics of the anthem from "And the rockets red glare" to "And the rockets gave glare" and she also erred in later singing "gave truth to the night" instead of "gave proof." This is just inexcusable. Couldn't she at least face the scoreboard where the lyrics were posted?

A bad night for baseball, overall.

HIS NAME IS BOND. JULIAN BOND: Here's a quote from NAACP Chairman Julian Bond, who teaches a semester at American U. and the University of Virginia each year.

-- "We have an attorney general who is a cross between J. Edgar Hoover and Jerry Falwell. There is a right-wing conspiracy, and it is operating out of the United States Department of Justice."

To borrow a phrase from the Bible: Oh, how the once-mighty organizations have fallen.

LIKE ANNA KOURNIKOVA?: Then take a look at this photo essay.

Monday, July 08, 2002

BEACH WEEK 2002: After a nice long four days tanning in the sun and lamely trying to hit on women, I'm back from the Delaware oceanfront. Some memorable moments from the trip, for those who care:

-- Eugene likes to flirt with female hotel clerks from Slovakia.

-- It sucks being under 21 -- especially when you're 20 and 7 months. The only club I could get into one night was the club where all the middle-schoolers with baggy pants and chains were standing in line. Yes, it was the under-21 Club 45, which closes on weekends at 12:30 (!). Fortunately, I had more success the previous night where once again I wasn't IDed. But, that club skewed considerably older.

-- Eugene likes to flirt with Eastern European waitresses.

-- It's not cool when you're crapped on by a seagull.

-- Eugene likes to flirt with big-breasted older women at clubs in Ocean City.

-- Thank G-d for Dewey Beach. Rehoboth Beach, while okay, had its share of wild and crazy kids and wild and crazy gay couples. Not to mention the hideous, overweight women (and men, for that matter) who should not be allowed near a beach in their lives. Dewey, on the other hand, had beautiful college-aged women clad in bikinis.

-- Eugene likes to flirt with beautiful college-aged women clad in bikinis...but he didn't.

GOOD FOR THE JEWS AND GOOD FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE: Jonathan Tobin nicely sums up why vouchers should be a cause the Jewish community embraces.

AND HE'S GREAT WITH THE WOMEN, TOO: Check out this profile of Superfan, the Old Dominion's most spirited fan.