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Friday, November 01, 2002

DAVID CORN OF 'THE NATION' writes a pretty damning piece about the anti-war protest and delves into exactly what they believe.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

PROFESSOR PHILIP BRENNER at American University has been known to make ridiculous statements. For his "Analysis of Foreign Policy" class at American University, he defended both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein in the same sentence, as I reported in August. But his expertise is Cuba and Latin America. In a meeting with the dean of the School of International Service here at American University, I was told that "Professor Brenner is a little pro-Castro." Fortunately, I withdrew from his class before he lectured about Latin America. But, I didn't realize the extent to which he really loved Castro -- apparently, I thought this was just a continuation of his record of anti-Americanism.

Apparently not.

The AU public relations newsletter The American Weekly ran a puff-piece on Brenner and his recent trip to Cuba with other academics. Brenner just came out with a book Sad and Luminous Days: Cuba’s Struggle with the Superpowers after the Missile Crisis, and, in the photo (on top), Brenner is asking the murderous dictator Fidel Castro to sign his book like a little schoolboy asking Cal Ripken to autograph his baseball.

But what's really striking is the quote by Brenner, who is supposedly an expert on all things Cuba -- all things except their miserable human rights and repression, I guess. Here's the classic quote:

Brenner had a closer encounter with Castro at a lunch for a handful of U.S. academics hosted by the Cuban president, which took place one afternoon of the conference. Brenner describes Castro as “a very gracious and animated person, and very open to questions.”

Gracious? That's one of the last adjectives one would use to describe Castro. Open to questions?!!?! Very open to questions from everyone but his own people! Sadly, this is what passes for academia at American University's School of International Service, and I suspect at other campuses, as well. And this is a tenured professor whose area of expertise is Cuba.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS has run amok at Georgetown University, where two expert speakers invited to lecture on dhimmitude (the state of Christians and Jews as second-class citizens under Muslim rule) were criticized after their speech by the same Jewish organization that invited them to campus! Rod Dreher has much more on this story at National Review.

Here's the background on Yeor, an occasional NRO contributor:

Bat Yeor, who occasionally contributes to National Review Online, made her reputation by documenting the tragic fate of the dhimmi Christians of the East, in lands conquered by Islam. Classical Islam prescribes a state of existence for subject Jews and Christians under which they must live as second-class citizens, paying a special tax to their Muslim rulers, living under special rules, and not granted the same basic human rights enjoyed by Muslims. Bat Yeor, born a Jew in Egypt but exiled to Europe, is the best-known historian of what she has termed dhimmitude, and has written three books on the subject.

Muslim students openly laughed and heckled during Yeor and historian David Littman's presentation, as a Georgetown Hoya reporter wrote. But what's saddening is that the Jewish student organization that invited Yeor and Littman now is condemning them to the student newspaper.

Truly saddening. And on a related note, Yale University students tore down and ripped to shreds a memorial for the 14 Israelis who were murdered in the most recent suicide bombing. This isn't anti-Semitism?